Most Exclusive NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain
The Avenue Marketplace is the most exclusive NFT marketplace on BSC! With world shattering partnerships already secured with the FEG Community, Tyson Fury, Pvlace from 808 Mafia and many more to come!



How to View your NFT
How to Transfer NFT Ownership
How to View your Contract for each NFT
Viewing your Unlockable Content:
NFT Sound File - The included .wav sound file is one of the most important aspects of this NFT. To ensure only the owner of the NFT itself can unlock the core content from the drop we created a back end workflow that enabled the deployment of a private hosted IPFS Gateway to the sound file. This sound file is visible and unlockable only to the corresponding token ID wallet owner within The Avenue Marketplace User section:
Visit the user profile section of The Avenue Marketplace
Unlock your NFT and view the MP4 Video preview and full quality audio soundfile:
Either play/download the MP4 file via the top video boxes three dot menu.
Or play/download the Full .wav audio file available in the lower media bar

Front End GUI NFT Ownership Transfer on The Avenue Marketplace Coming Soon....

  • User profile workflows are currently being updated to enable users to transfer their NFTs between different owners with a front end GUI.
  • Users will be able to transfer ownership to any BSC wallet address through the front end interface within the user profile section.
  • Concept screenshots coming soon....
Metamask NFT Transfer: (Currently unavailable)
Metamask currently does not support transfer of NFT tokens.
BSC Scan - Transfer ownership: (warning, we would suggest you only use this function if experienced in using smart contracts and technical aspect of cryptocurrency)
  1. 2.
    Connect the metamask wallet that holds your FMIF Fomo NFT Token:
3. After connecting to metamask scroll down to the 7. transferFrom function and chose the sender and recipient addresses you would like to use to make the transfer. You will only be able to transfer tokens that are within YOUR metamask wallet. please make sure you use the correct corresponding token ID that is in your metamask wallet when trying to make the transfer.
Ownership should then be transferred to the new recipient address!
The Contract for the pvlace NFT can be accessed here:
  • This contract is included in the metadata of each NFT within the Pvlace NFT drop.
  • All NFTs will transfer complete ownership of the underlying media to the token holder.
  • To view the contract in the front end of the avenue marketplace and for all unlockable content we will be adding a locked content section to the user profile workflow that enables users to download or view the contract embedded in the metadata for further use.
  • Currently if you would like to view the NFT contract you will need to go access the read the token contract information directly from BSC Scan.
Copy the Token URI of your token to access the metadata
Once you have successfully accessed the metadata from the .json you will see the contract link that is embedded within the NFT FMIF token and see it's uploaded on the blockchain to ensure verifiability and hosted on IPFS to ensure 100% uptime and ensure at no point can the NFT data be altered or changed after minting.
Token Metadata .Json file
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