FOMO | Providing Liquidity: Pancake V2 Pool
This guide will show you how to provide liquidity to the Fomo/BNB LP pool on pancake swap!

Fomo BNB LP Pool | How to provide liquidity on pancake swap

To add tokens to the Fomo BNB LP Pool you will first need to get LP tokens from the V2 Liquidity pool by providing liquidity for the exchange.
Liquidity providers earn a 0.17% Split of all transactional volume each day. *(Currently $1,123,014 AVG Daily Volume 16/05/2021)
  1. 1.
    To add liquidity go to the staking pool DApp and click Get Fomo LP in the Navigation menu
2. After you will be taken to the pancake swap liquidity provider section
3. To provide liquidity you will need equal amounts of both BNB & Fomo tokens to add to the pool, once successful you will see your LP tokens show in the bottom of the interface.
Make sure to double check you are providing LP to V2!
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