Pool Withdrawal Fee's & Redistribution System
All Genesis pools on Fomo come with a fee redistribution system to provide passive earning rewards directly to the wallets of FOMO token holders locked in 7D and 30D pools.
All OPEN Pools will have a 48 Hour withdrawal tax
4% 48 Hr Early Withdrawal Tax | The 4% 48Hr open withdrawal tax is sent to a redistribution wallet that will provide passive earning to all pool participants in 7D & 30D lock pools.
2% Withdrawal Fee |
Outside of the 48Hr 'Pool hopping' Tax There is also a 2% Withdrawal tax on all fee's that is sent to the treasury wallet and added to new token pools for the ecosystem.
WARNING! Trying to exit the pool within 48Hrs will incur a 6% TAX on ALL GENESIS POOLS


The reason for the 48hr tax is to create long term incentives to hold FOMO and either compound or claim the rewards and leave the initial equity staked. These types of habits of compounding and continuing to stake for longer periods sustain the token price longer, increase your token holdings significantly and cause considerable momentum in the scarcity of the token.
Restricting Supply during times of increased Demand creates an increased scarcity increasing the overall value of the underlying token (FOMO)

Creating a Circular Economy |

This creates a circular economy and rewards users for staking for longer durations with passive yield earning opportunities for when pool APR is low due to heavy influx of users.
The Genesis Pools on the Fomo staking infrastructure will provide a stable 0.234 Fomo Per Block reward on the BSC smartchain for the next 2 Years.
All Redistribution taxes and withdrawal fee's are provided as passive staking rewards and as additional pooled FOMO for new token reward pools! 100% of the taxed and claimed redistribution can be tracked here:
Governance contracts will be coming soon to the ecosystem to allow Fomo token holders more control over the utility of the redistributed FOMO rewards. More details to be announced..
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