Fomo | How To Stake
Stake your Fomo Tokens in the staking pool to earn Fomo rewards! (The Fomo Lab Staking Pool is currently in V1 Beta testing.)

How do I Stake Fomo?

It's never been easier to stake your FOMO tokens and earn passive rewards, gain access to exclusive NFT drops and future airdrops!
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    Go to the DApp To start!
Current Reward Distribution amount for Fomo, Fomo BNB LP & Bake Token pool: 4,800,000
1. How To Stake | FOMO/BNB LP POOL
2. How To Stake | FOMO POOL
Add your Fomo/BNB to the Pancake Swap LP Pool and visit the Fomolab DApp
Allow the pool to spend your Fomo CAKE LP Tokens
The 4% 48Hr open withdrawal tax is sent to a redistribution wallet that will provide passive earning to all pool participants in 7D & 30D lock pools.
There is also a 2% Withdrawal tax on all fee's that is sent to the treasury wallet and added to new token pools for the ecosystem.
This creates a circular economy and rewards users for staking for longer durations with passive yield earning opportunities for when the pool APR is low due to a heavy influx of users.
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    Chose Which Tier you would like to lock for in the top right of the dashboard -
OPEN - 7D - 30D
The FOMO GENESIS Pool is self balancing and built to last for the next 2 years on a set distribution schedule. (more technical details below.)
Chose how much FOMO you want to deposit into the pool.
Binance Smart Chain has one of the most stable Block counts & reward amounts
The Genesis pool will pay 0.234 Fomo X 28,000 Blocks Per Day = 6,552 Fomo Per Day for the next 2 years continuously. Most Pools last for 4/12 weeks. These pools we're specifically designed to create a strong back bone to the staking ecosystem.
Future long term pools will be provided with 6 Month And 12 Month Bonded Yield Contracts that increase with APR over time with AutoCompounding Functionality.
Future pools will be provided with 4/12 week life cycles and much higher block rewards as we add to the ecosystem.
A cross chain bridge to earn Fomo rewards with ethereum mainnet tokens will also be deployed.
More updates to be released soon!
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