Fomo | The Governance Token
FOMO Token is the governance token and lifeblood of the entire Fomo Lab ecosystem. It supports all parts of our token network and provides cross chain functionality for bridging options.
Fomo Is the governance token for the Fomo Lab platform, and is also provided as a reward for staking your tokens within the Fomo staking DApp. Earn FOMO for providing liquidity or locking your tokens in any of the 3 time lock tiers.
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The Genesis pool will pay 0.234 Fomo X 28,000 Blocks Per Day = 6,552 Fomo Per Day for the next 2 years continuously. Most Pools last for 4/12 weeks. These pools we're specifically designed to create a strong back bone to the staking ecosystem.
Future pools will be provided with 6 Month And 12 Month Bonded Yield Contracts that increase with APR over time with AutoCompounding Functionality.
The APY for the FOMO Governance token is set by a Time curve. Governance of the block rewards is based on a 2 year duration of 0.234 FOMO per block. This will create a stable and even distribution to allow maximum longevity within the core staking pools within the DApp.
FOMO can also be used for purchasing NFTs from the avenue marketplace, taking part in launch pad IDOs with the Fomo Launch ecosystem and to take part in even more exciting utilities as we reveal some of our partnerships over the coming months..
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