Fomo | BOOSTER Pools⚡️
Become a Super Staker 🦸with the Fomo Booster Pools! Up to 122.83k% APR From Launch!
After the incredible demand and oversubscription to the FOMO Genesis Pools We decided to bring you 2x new pools straight away ahead of schedule to allow more people to participate in the staking reward DApp!


You can now stake your FOMO BNB LP in the LP Booster Pool to earn up to 122,380% APR!

The Block rewards for this pool are 1.24 Fomo Per Block with an AVG of 28,000 Blocks per day

The LP Booster pool is capped at 300,000 Fomo in rewards to be provided over the ext 14/28 days.

This has brought the total APR for the Fomo/BNB LP Pool to +993.61k% current TVL is $417,000 after the first 4 days! We expect this total to increase by a factor of at least 4x bringing new in-flows of liquidity to the Fomo LP pool on pancake swap to create greater market depth and stability.


As well as the LP Booster pool we decided to bring you even more rewards with an additional 14d lock FOMO Token pool with an increased block reward of 1.4 Fomo Per Block.
1.4 FOMO Per Block * 28,0000 Blocks P/D = 39,200 FOMO In daily rewards!
The Fomo Token Booster pool will pay the highest rewards out of all pools within the Tier system on the Fomo Token Pool but will also last for the shortest duration. Rewards will only be available for the first 14 Days! Make sure you participate early to maximise your APR returns.
Current Total APR for the FOMO Token pool has now been increased to +243.57k% APR at start!
Happy Farming.