Token Distribution
$Fomo token is the life blood of the Fomo Lab ecosystem. Ensuring a fair and even token distribution at launch and making sure all teams and advisors have a long term vested interest in the project are crucially important.
A secure and systematic tokenomics structure sets the base understanding to any project. Many projects’ longevity is hindered due to failed tokenomics, uneven staking rewards, and unfair launches. A project’s life cycle is dependent on three main factors, The staking distribution, the launch distribution and the over total supply.
The FOMO token is utilized in many unique ways throughout the platform…
IDO Day 16% | 16% Of the total token supply will be available through our presale and private sale.
Pancakeswap liquidity 8% | An additional 8% of the supply will be used for liquidity provisioning to pancake swap. Pancake swap is currently the largest exchange on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain). With $2.5 billion total liquidity.
Blockwave/Advisors 10%: Fomo has secured advisory services and VC backing from blockwaves in the UAE
Advisors 8.5% | Advisors will have a locked and vested amount of tokens for their support in developing our infrastructure and building our partnerships.
Reserves 30% | Will be kept for the team and for any future developments or partnerships that come throughout the first 12/24 months of the project.
Staking 20% | 20% of the allocation will be distributed in staking pools and yield farming projects. details on the APY and pool structures will be announced soon.
Marketing 5% | Although 5% may seem like a small budget for marketing, our company will be revenue positive from day one and has pre-existing marketing partnerships on board to help keep overall costs low for maximum exposure.
Airdrop| 2.5% of the token supply will be distributed as an airdrop to raise awareness throughout the launch phase of the project.
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